Global Event Partners is expert in the field of delivering events of the highest quality that constantly deliver successful results for our clients. Specialising in the fields of energy, finance and infrastructure, we have developed a set of core values that all our team has committed to and it is these values that unite us to have the enthusiasm, energy, motivation and drive for innovation and success in everything we do; this really makes the difference for you, the client; the workforce at GEP is second to none.

Our Mission is to unite professional markets and local communities that we serve and connect them with industry-leading exhibitions, conferences, context and content. We serve our clients globally through face to face meetings designed to accommodate their ever-changing challenges and needs.

Integrity - having organised some of the world's leading events over many years; the directors at Global Event Partners hold integrity as central to everything that we do so that our clients can place their trust and invest with confidence at all Global Event Partners' Conferences and Exhibitions.

Building relationships - in a world brought together closer through telecommunications it is important not to lose sight of the value of direct contact with your investors, partners, customers and suppliers. Global Event Partners actively promotes the medium of exhibitions and conferences as vital networking platforms for successful business.

Respecting our clients - international conferences and exhibitions bring together many players across the business spectrum who all have a vital role to play in contributing to the success of that event for their company. We believe wholeheartedly in the delivery of absolute service to all; respecting the importance of delivering the very best delegate experience, meeting the needs of our exhibitors and sponsors and the drivers behind a successful event for our trade visitors.

Listening and understanding - this is the basis for all our success; what is important to our participants is fundamental to the success of each and every event and it is only by talking with and listening to people that we can truly understand how to make an event really work for its stakeholders.

At the start of any project, we ensure that we undertake thorough research to help guarantee that the proposed event will meet the needs of all of its intended audience.

Going the extra mile - we appreciate that clients entrust us with their critical resources; time and investment - we will always do everything in our power to ensure that this trust is duly rewarded through the excellence of our delivery. Global Event Partners is committed to doing what is right for our customers.

Promoting Knowledge - through vision, expertise and strategy, thought leadership is vital in keeping new content and ideas alive for growth, development and sustainability.

Value Creation - the reason for participation in any event primarily is to further business either through increased knowledge or through increased commercial activity. Global Event Partners strive to deliver real value to ensure that our clients' return on investment is maximised.